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Last Week In Adops #11

a weekly email mocking the bullshit that is the adtech industry. usually sent out every friday so you have something to do while drinking that first beer/coffee 
(I don’t judge).

Don’t Let Amazon Buying Wholefoods Distract You From The Fact That Adexchanger Wrote An Entire 700 Word Article Based On A Single Tweet

Industry Insiders Warn Of An Ad Tech Brain Drain

(the article)

and of course my reaction to all of this:

Did Jason Kint Mention “Duopoly” This Week?

This guy gets invited to meetings?

Current streak: 6 weeks

Other Articles


Editor’s Letter: Meet the New Bloomberg Businessweek

Ryan’s take: Businessweek is going behind a paywall. Oh and what’s that? A tiny auto-play video player in the bottom left corner with no close button!

Always an interesting strategy to double the cost to your print subscribers.

Minor nit but the line height difference between the body content and the bullets could use some love. Plus using a 22pt font but only 550px of content width… yeesh. Hopefully the content improvement fares better than the design one.

33 Major Pubs Are Promising a New Level of Safety & Transparency

Interesting. Couple things stand out to me. First it’s 100MM impressions a day. When you think of how large the 33 publishers are in this group you’ll realize just how small that is. Second, guaranteeing 100% viewability (mrc defined) means the pubs must be charging such a premium that they’re making up for the fact that 100% 3rd party verifiable viewability is impossible. I don’t hate the idea I just don’t really know if this is anything more than a fun PR move. Ohh look at how the pubs are justice leaguing the platforms. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Global Advertising Growth To Slow Slightly This Year

So this report says that “Excluding cyclical events like last year’s Olympics and the U.S. elections, media owners’ ad revenues are expected to increase 4.7% this year globally, compared with 4.9% growth in 2016” and I’m genuinely curious. How do you totally exclude those events from 2016’s data to come up with that 4.9% growth rate? Maybe someone smart enough can walk me through it but to me excluding the Olympics would take more than excluding NBC revenue in the summer months and the election was far reaching… I don’t know how you could possibly differentiate this election cycle increases from non-election based spend.

Sidebar: can we stop giving so much airtime to every analyst that puts out a half assed “advertising outlook”? Or at least keep track of those estimates and mock them when they turn out to be wrong? I don’t care how many quants you throw at the job you can’t math yourself into predicting the future.

An Oral [written] History Of How Header Bidding Got It’s Name

Want to read a bunch of adops people trip over themselves as they lay claim to the term “header bidding”? Digiday interviews over a dozen people and 90% of them pat themselves on the back for some moment of coining or pushing the term.

I wanted this to be a good article (I love learning the history and origin stories of our industry) but halfway through I was worried if I rolled my eyes any harder I’d go blind.

Securely Improve Cross-Channel Campaign Performance with Advertiser Audiences

Possibly the quietest BFD we’ve had. Amazon made a self-service tool so buyers can now match their CRM data to Amazon’s user data and target based on that. Google and Facebook already do this but where Facebook might know what you like socially and Google knows what you search for Amazon knows what you actually pull the trigger on. They don’t have intent data they have actual purchase data. All the rest of the shit this week was noise. This is real and trust this is the kind of thing that keeps Sir Martin from sleeping.

Podcasts, Analytics, And Centralization

Long read of the week. The author really does a great job of breaking down the history of podcasting (again, something I love) while digging into Apple’s role as well as the business of podcasting and finally where he see’s Apple heading with its recent announcement of providing podcasters analytics. Worth the read.

Quick Hitters


Chrome And Safari Ad Blocking Won’t Fix Web Browsing

Who are these publishers dropping +50 cookies on their users? Well whoever you are you better watch out, Jay Friedman is coming for you.

Condé Nast Closes Style.com Months After Its Debut

They apparently dropped $100MM on the redesign only to kill it <1yr later.

One More Funny

Shameless Self Promotion

Podcast Episode #10 // Dan Layfield (Adpipes)

This week I chat with the don, the OG, the Godfather of adops podcasts, Dan Layfield. We talk about all sorts of things. How someone who has never done adops found himself doing the only adops podcast around (easily a year before anyone else), what he learned, and one thing every entry-level adops pro should be doing.

Thanks for reading and have a great week! Or don’t. I’m not the boss of you.

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