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Last Week In Adops #09

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Did Jason Kint Mention “The Duopoly” This Week?

My issue (and why I mock him) is because he’s not actually attempting to further the conversation. He just wants to be known as the guy who “called it” every time some bad piece of info around platforms pops up. I think he thinks it makes him the voice of publishers but he just ends up sounding like the guy outside screaming “the end is nigh!” every new years eve.

Current streak: 3 weeks

Other Articles


Facebook Signs Buzzfeed, Vox, Others For Original Video Shows

Ryan’s take: I know a lot of people are going to have positive things to say about this. Something around the line of “it’s about time they got their own content” but I’m not those people. I see what Facebook is trying to do. They see video as a high margin play. Zuck even said it’ll be as big as mobile to them (proof: they’re already building out their video marketing team). They also see Amazon and Netflix with their own content and think “yeah we should get in on that” but Facebook isn’t really committing here. They’re spending small money to test this, which is a very Facebook move. But the video content business doesn’t really work that way. You can’t get half pregnant when making content. But Facebook is outsourcing the production and hoping to make the economics work.

TL;DR: this is an interesting move but I think they’re fucking it up by hedging.

WTF is supply-path optimization?

Huh that’s weird. Just two weeks ago I posted an old BOKonADS article about Supply Path Optimization in the newsletter. Then last week Chris Kane and I talk about Supply Path Optimization on my podcast. And this week Digiday writes an explainer on it. Must be a coincidence.

Facebook Tool Handles Media Companies’ Video Ad Sales

Between Facebook’s presentation in NYC this week and the four or five articles I could fine on the topic you’d think I’d have a firm grasp of this product, but I don’t. No where can I find anyone mentioning how this will actually work. Does Audience Direct work with your DMP? How do I get my audience in DFP and/or Freewheel? I don’t imagine either company will be keen on helping $FB out so how the hell does this work? If I read one more breathy article about how it’ll help publishers with video targeting without actually explaining HOW THE FUCK IT DOES THAT I’m gonna lose my shit.

The Cofounder Of Digital Ad Company Undertone Is Stepping Down

This week’s BFD. Eric Franchi is a huge name and influence in the industry. He has probably the second best newsletter in all of adtech (😬😬 😅😅) and has grown into a large player in the adtech startup scene. I wish him the best and maybe, hopefully, I can get him on the podcast sometime soon.

Rubicon Project CEO: ‘Open source will be the gold standard’

I don’t plan on making a “depressing read of the week” segment but it just keeps on happening. Try to read this and not say to yourself “wow they have no idea what to do”. First off the executive speak is strong with Mr. Barrett. The amount of polished shit conveyed as “good news” is astounding. Second, I’m trying hard but I can’t find a cohesive strategy in this interview. If someone can, please tell me what it is, otherwise I’ll go with my gut and say they’re just throwing shit at the wall and hoping something sticks.

This won’t make sense to anyone but Rubicon is the Taco of adtech.

Snapchat Is Wooing Ad Buyers With Discount Coupons And Bonuses

On one hand this isn’t a big deal. Pubs offer deals for advertisers all the time and Snap is just trying to get advertisers to overcome their trepidation and give them a chance. Plus they don’t want to miss another quarter’s revenue goals. But on the other hand Q2 discounts don’t exactly scream “hot company that advertisers are dying to get on”.

Shameless Self Promotion

No podcast this week. Check me out next week when I interview Jonathan Mendez (@/jonathanmendez) founder and CEO of Yieldbot.

Thanks for reading and have a great week! Or don’t. I’m not the boss of you.

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