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Last Week In Adops #08

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Facebook Refunds Advertisers After Finding New Measurement Bug

So this is actually a relatively minor error. It only affected 0.04% of impressions delivered in a year long period. Which might sound big but apparently the median refund is $10 per advertiser.


FAQ: Everything Facebook Has Admitted About Its Measurement Errors

This is the actual issue. It’s Facebook’s 10th admitted measurement error since September. In the immortal words of Michael Scott…

Did Jason Kint Mention “The Duopoly” This Week?

I’m not even sure what he’s trying to say here.
Current Streak: 2 weeks

Other Articles


Pinterest Will Soon Let Advertisers Reach Consumers Through Their Smartphone’s Camera

Ryan’s take: Ahh yes the old “shopping the look” demo. It’s a great demo and a crowd pleaser and yet despite that no one has ever come close to a product that lives up to the demo. I gave lens a test and it’s… well it’s good not great. I’ll admit though one of my wrong calls has been Pinterest. I’ve been bearish on them for a while (why will take too long to explain just suffice it say that I’m skeptical of their value add vs similar sites). This feels like a two miracle feature, first users need to change how they use the app from liking pictures to taking them, and second it has to actually work. Count me suspicious.

Helping The Industry Prevent Counterfeit Inventory With Ads.Txt

This week’s BFD. I shit on the IAB a lot. They’re an easy target and often they deserve it. But they deserve a round of applause for this one. It’s a simple (dare I say elegant) solution to a problem. The bigger and much more important question is how long will it take this to roll out and make it’s way through the ecosystem? If you’re a premium publisher you should be working on getting yours set up, yesterday. It doesn’t fix IBV but it fixed a fuckton of other fraud/issues. Ari gives a good explanation in this mini-tweetstorm.

Cheddar Raises $19 Million From Amazon, AT&T, NYSE, and Others

Couple things I like about this. First the low valuation ($85MM). Ryan shouldn’t you be rooting for a high valuation? Sit down, I ask the questions here! And no, with a lower valuation it makes it easier for a unique company like Cheddar to raise its next round of funding without the risk of a down round (assuming they hit somewhat reasonable milestones). I really love their model, method, and execution. 🎉🎉🎉

The Time Is Now for Real-Time Audio Ad Buying (Spotify)

Yeah this is just plain smart. Seeing a lot of really smart decisions coming out of Spotify recently. Not sure I agree with Nielson’s numbers (I could end the sentence there) that 79% of audio is consumed while people aren’t able to use a screen. I might be an outlier but the vast majority of my music listening is done while I’m either looking at my work computer or reading from my phone/kindle on the subway. But I digress. When you couple this move with their possible move to direct list on the NYSE, it looks like Spotify is setting themselves up for the long run.

The Ecstasy And Agony Of AudienceScience’s P&G Partnership

God this is a depressing read. Don’t get me wrong you absolutely should read it, but it’s the article equivalent of watching Old Yeller with P&G playing the role of Travis, wolf, and barn.

Twitter Hires a New GM of Revenue Products

While everyone else is all excited about Biz Stone pulling a reverse Koolaid Man this is the real Twitter news to watch as far as I’m concerned. Opinions of Turn aside (and there are plenty) this is a big move by Twitter. I like it.

Shameless Self Promotion

Podcast Episode #08 // Chris Kane (Jounce Media)

This week I chat with Chris Kane the founder of Jounce Media. We get a bit nerdy this week and dig in on the “header bidding shit layer cake”, how the buy side steals publisher data (for free), and why buyers shouldn’t try to be the next Netflix.

Thanks for reading and have a great week! Or don’t. I’m not the boss of you.

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