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Last Week In Adops #06

a weekly email mocking the bullshit that is the adtech industry. sent out every friday so you have something to do while drinking that first beer/coffee 
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Snapchat Is Rolling Out a New Viewability Score to Help Advertisers

Snap is going to start offering some advertisers a viewability score (via Moat) with their Snap ads. They’ll make it widely available in a month or so.

(I wonder if Oracle knew about this before buying Moat? I’m kidding… of course they knew about it.)


comScore Eliminates Fees For Viewability Reporting & NHT Detection

If someone with deeper pockets was pulling this move I’d call it savvy. By becoming the google analytics of NHT and viewability it would give you a chance to erode the revenues of your competitors while making you more appealing to the buy side. But this is comScore, they were recently delisted from NASDAQ because they couldn’t get their own finances in order. This feels like floundering. Moat just got bought, everyone is looking at IAS like the only match on Tinder… comScore wants to sound competitive too.

How Is This Still A Thing: Newfronts

Honestly, can someone explain to me why we still do Newfronts? Are we still trying to prove to the TV guys that digital is legit? Are we afraid of breaking the news to the sales people? I just don’t get how in this age of demographic targeted, viewable, human, programmatically delivered digital video that the best way to sell it is via these bizarre giant presentations spanning two weeks in May. Apparently I’m not the only one.

Other Articles


Axel Springer just struck a deal with AppNexus that could see it turn its back on Google’s DoubleClick

Ryan’s take: Ok so this sounds like a bigger deal than it really is. First, Axel Springer (and many European publishers) has been quite vocal in their complaints about Google. In a 2014 open letter Axel Springer’s CEO basically begged someone in adtech to give him a comparable adserver to DFP so he could switch. It’s also a pretty small switch (just the German sites for a few brands) and not slated to happen until 2018. Not the BFD, not even a SFD. This is a good PR team and a company that wants to thumb its nose at Google.

Facebook to Hire 3,000 to Review Videos of Crime and Suicide

This adds to the 4,500 they already have on staff. In the end it’s something they’ll never be able to do perfectly but as long as they keep putting up revenue numbers like they have investors will be willing to give them some slack.

Comments on Research and Ad Targeting

So this might have been missed by some of you but Facebook put out this weird little note the other day. The Australian article they reference is this one where The Australian got a hold of an internal Facebook report that discussed ways Facebook could target teens based on how they’re feeling. Like if they’re feeling “stressed” or “insecure”, and they can tell this based on the pics or posts a person views. Obviously Facebook is going to come out and say it’s no true or it would never be used for ads or whatever. But those of you who read Chaos Monkeys… do you remember what geo was ground zero for Facebook tests?

Anyway the interesting part of this to me is instead of claiming the document was false or any number of tricks Silicon Valley companies use Facebook admitted it was a real report and then apologized for it. So if the report is real that means they actually think they can, in real time, discern an adolescent’s emotional state based purely on their web activity. Most adolescent’s couldn’t even tell you their current emotional state and Facebook thinks they can do it based on the number of times someone stalked an ex or something (just a guess). If that’s true a) holy shit and b) that’s this week’s BFD.

The News & Media Social Engagement Report

Don’t bother downloading the PDF it’s pretty worthless. The only part of note is the “Cross Channel Engagement” portion of the article. At the top for most engaging social media posts are newcomers like Mic, Axios, and Buzzfeed News. Which isn’t terribly surprising (young audiences are more engaging on social?!?) but seeing Vice and The Daily Beast at the bottom was a little surprising.

AppNexus and Facebook lead Prebid server-to-server header bidding

Prebid gets server to server! The rest you already knew… Facebook, AppNexus, and Index are working together on their server to server shit. AppNexus hasn’t released the partner list for PreBid server but if I was a betting man I’d say it’s probably Index, Yieldbot, Sovrn, AOL, Facebook (eventually), and maybe OpenX but something tells me they won’t be in the first release.

CBS Successfully Reinvigorated Its Morning Show

Just a personal note, this is the best morning news show on TV by a country mile. Like it’s not even close. Glad to see focusing on a quality product still works.

Shameless Self Promotion

Podcast Episode #07 // Jay Glogovsky (VICE)

This week I chat with Jay Glogovsky, director of rev ops at Vice. We talk about the importance of publishers owning their own data stack, how Vice can be the WaPo of data, and what’s the hipster drink of choice at Vice.

One More Funny

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