Episode 05: Todd Garland (Buysellads)

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This week I interviewed Todd Garland the CEO of BuySellAds. If you’re not familiar with Buysellads you’ve undoubtedly seen their work (hint: all the ads on my site are through them).

Now even though I’m literally earning dozens of dollars a month with them I managed to hold it together and conduct a proper interview (or whatever it is I’m actually doing here).

Say what you will about Todd he is at least willing to put his name and his opinions out there regarding adtech.

“It’s clear that programmatic bidding has failed consumers, premium publishers, and advertisers alike…”

Yeah he literally said that. You would have known if you just read the article I linked up there. Geeze.

Anyway Todd and I get into a lot of different topics this week, but the gist is that Todd isn’t impressed with all this new “adtech” and lays out a pretty good case for why it might be worth taking a step back and asking “is this really helping us?”.

I can’t say I fully agree with Todd. I personally think that programmatic adtech is kind of like that Winston Churchill quote on democracy:

Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried…

It’s not great. And it’s been getting a beating in the press recently, rightly so I might add. But I know the RPMs we’re making on our indirect impressions now vs. four years ago are absolutely a sign of improvement.

It’s a slog. But either way I do find Todd’s perspective interesting since I so rarely hear it from someone that knows a thing or two about adtech. It’s usually pontificated by some “technology journalist” or, worse, morning news host.

Anyway I hope you enjoy.

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